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Excealoe is the mayor trading and export company of Aloe Vera of Europe .
Starting his activity in July 2014 , Excealoe S.L. is trading with aloe vera of the best quality around the world: Ecological Aloe Vera certified and produced in Spain. Our production can supply any demand.

Our goal is to give diffusion of the huge benefits of Aloe Vera for the health . At the same time we care that our poducts have the highest quality for his consumption and a real and visible benefit for the consumers.

The difference between our Aloe Vera to others existing is the quality.
What does Excealoe understand with quality?

  • It is cultivated in one of the best soils on earth: the southern soil and the Spanish meditarrenean corridor permit a perfect cultivation of the plant.
  • The cultivation is 100% ecological : The plants are fertilized only with hummus of red worms.
  • The recollection of leaves is done when the plant is three years old, and reaches its level of components in proper proportion to make them effective.
  • The leaf has a very high yield (average of 50%) and a perfect morphology.
  • From the leaf production farms to the extraction plant there are short paths to maintain the quality of the Aloe gel or juice.
  • The cold chain is not broken during transport.
  • We offer an added value to the Aloe vera leaf as the juice is extracted directly from the fresh and cold leaf using an ecological process.
  • The stabilizers used for the juice are also organic.

Ofrecemos certificación ecológica de la hoja y del jugo. Adjuntamos resultados analíticos para cada pedido.
Por todo ello, el Aloe Vera de Excealoe S.L. es el de mayor calidad del mundo. El único con carácter 100% ecológico, certificación ecológica, alto cuidado de las plantaciones y de las hojas y máxima pureza.
Queremos conseguir que por Calidad y Servicio, Excealoe S.L. sea su 1ª elección.